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Zoom Class: Learn how to talk about your book for publication.

Course fee enters you to Win a Writing Residency at Ann's House. 


About the Class and the Residency


1. Zoom Class with Ann Garvin  August 26 at 6PM CST.

2. Residency dates for the winner are September 8-11 2022 in Madison Wisconsin. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO June 15. 2022 SPACES ADDED!

The class:

Can You Describe Your Novel in Two Sentences?

If you can't, you may be having trouble understanding the basics of storytelling as it relates to your project. Premise, character, story, and plot are paramount to talking about and writing your novel, but how are these different, and which comes first? It doesn't matter where you are in your process; it's never too early or too late to write your elevator pitch and a summary. In this interactive workshop, Ann will walk you through the process of distilling your book down into two sentences. On the way, we will examine what works, and what should be clarified, and you'll never lose focus when someone asks, "What's your book about?"

The Residency. 

By submitting the $35 class fee and completing the form below, you will be entered for the chance to win a 4-day/3 night residency in Madison, WI at the home of author Ann Garvin, founder of the Tall Poppy Writers. With a $300 stipend to offset your travel and meals.

The winner will be announced in July 1 2022.

One grand prize winner will win three nights of lodging (September 8-11), as well as one hour per day or 3 hours total of dedicated time with Ann Garvin to talk about your writing and professional goals. Plus $300 to offset travel and meals. 

This contest is open to writers who identify as women, and proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, including booster, is required. 

Who is Ann Garvin?

Ann Garvin, Ph.D., is the USA Today best-selling author of I Thought You Said This Would Work, I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around, The Dog Year and On Maggie’s Watch. Her forthcoming book, Falling In Love Is The Easy Part, will launch in spring 2023. 

Ann has taught hundreds of writers at pitch conferences around the country how to talk about their books for publication.

Ann is a professor emeritus from the University of Wisconsin system. She teaches at Drexel University Masters of Fine Arts programs, and has held positions at Miami University and Southern New Hampshire in their Masters of Fine Arts programs. Ann has taught hundreds of writers at pitch conferences around the country how to talk about their books for publication. Ann is a sought-after speaker at women’s conferences, leadership events and writing conferences in the U.S. and internationally. 

Ann is the founder of the award-winning The Tall Poppy Writers, the only scaled, author-driven marketing cooperative in the U.S. that is exclusive to female authors who publish in a variety of genres — with a social media reach of 2 million on any given day. The Tall Poppies boast partnerships with Frances Ford Coppola, Drexel University to name a few.



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Would you like to learn more about the class and the residency? Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us.

Why is Ann & The Tall Poppy Writers doing this?

Because we know how hard it is to get published and the first step is learning to talk about your project in a short engaging way. 

And the residency will provide a quiet space and time to write for one lucky winner plus $300 to offset fees. 

What are the details about the class?

The class is one-hour-long zoom class, and Ann will guide you through an exercise that helps you talk about your book in a compelling way for publication. Ann will teach you the formula that Agents, Best Selling Authors, and Hollywood Screenwriters use. Secrets will be revealed. Questions will be answered. Examples will be given. Participation will be solicited from the entrants.   Fun and learning will be had by all.

Why is it $35 to enter? What is the timeline?

The 35$ pays for the class and your chance to win.  Contest Begins. April 1 2022. Contest ends June 15. Winner Announced July 1.Click to pay:

If I win the residency how much time will I get with Ann talking about my project?

Three hours of the scheduled time. She's writing. You're writing. Everybody wins.

What are the accommodations?

Scroll down to see a picture of your bed. You have your own room and bathroom in the lower level of Ann's house. The bed is a twin memory foam mattress. There is a desk in your room, a barn door for privacy. You have use of the kitchen, shower, sunny side porch and garden patio upstairs. You can write anywhere on the first floor, outside, or your room.

Where is this located?

Madison Wisconsin. Located on an isthmus and lands surrounding four lakes—Lake MendotaLake MononaLake Kegonsa and Lake Waubesa—the city is home to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Wisconsin State Capitol, the Overture Center for the Arts, and the Henry Vilas Zoo

What is around Ann's house?

Ann's house is next to restaurants, coffee shops, walking trails several lakes, the arboretum, the zoo and two large parks. Everything is within walking distance.

How do I get to Ann's house?

Fly, drive, Uber, Lyft, whatever works for you. We will provide the address and phone number to the winner. You get there, you feed yourself, you write, you rest.

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